Congratulation to all the nominees!
Winners will be announced on Saturday - 3rd of July - 9pm (CET)

Best Live Action Short Film

Final interview (Directed by Bruce Fun)

The contract musical (Directed by Chris Cole) 

Bread and Circuses (Directed by Marcel Andre) 
Goodnight,bella (Directed by Clyde Capistrano) - WINNER

Ashes (Directed by Lewis Martin Soucy,Mehdi Ajroudi)


Best Live Action or Animation Feature Film

A burning season (Directed by Andrew Kabbe) - WINNER

Chrismas Freak(Directed by Sean Brown) 

Pick a side (Directed by Edward Green)

The pro bono watchman (Directed by Ray Spivey) 

Kaalachakara (Directed by Sumant Kranthi)


Best Feature Documentary

Alaska long hunters (Directed by Mark Rose,Mark Rose) 

Into the blue (Directed by Robert Fonollosa ) 
Syria`s School Under Atack (Directed by Darren Conway) -

Fifteen percent & rising (Directed by Paul G. Roberts) 

The great impatient. (Directed by Carlos Arenal) 


Best Short Documentary

Making of Moss(z)Art (Directed by Unni Krishnan Pulikkal) - WINNER

A few days after (Directed by Lance Cain) 

The Offline Experiment (Directed by Colin Yuan) 

La Hermandad (Directed by Manuel Fernandez Arroyo) 

Vivien`s Picture (Directed by Eric Kosonen) 


Best Music Video

Ready to Roll (Directed by Heather Mckay)
Girls and Boys (Directed by Marc Thirouin) -

Transcending Duality (Directed by Alexa Lautenschlager)

Dis House- Brotech music video (Directed by Joy Sahyoun)

Mad Symphony - The next door music video (Directed by Kevin Moore)


Best Experimental Film

Gigue (Directed by  Kasia Tym)

A few days after (Directed by Lance Cain)

The Travel of the Self (Directed by Brondy Humphrey)
Empty Eyes (Directed by Gabriel Duarte)

L`amant des Monts (Directed by LiliEyes)


Best Animation Short

To my Sister (Directed by Jana Miller,Leah Jacob) 

Burning Brigth (Directed by Aaron Bierman)
Herstory:Mary Elmes (Directed by Ben O`Connor)  -

Slice of adventure (Directed by Justin Ethington,Jordan Carney,John Mckeon)

A Story of Strange Food (Directed by Lankangshi) 


Best Student Film

Delivery Night (Directed by Felipe Wein)  - WINNER

T-Shirt (Directed by Raghav Puri)

Broken Layers (Directed by Niccolo Rolim)

Savory (Directed by Taylor Jordan)

Before it all Happened (Directed by Elton Tan)


Best Inspirational Film

To be here (Directed by Nefeli Chrysa Avgeris) 

Energize your Communications (Directed by Christop Göttel) 

2020 (Directd by Helena Antonio)
Broken Layers (Directed by Niccolo Rolim)  

Break Every Chain (Directed by Tim Searfoss)


Best Drama

Get through the day (Directed by Reza Tavakoli)

Before it all Happened (Directed by Elton Tan)

Amazon Queen (Directed by Marlin Darrah)

L`amant des monts (Directed by LiliEyes)
Blue Paradise (Directed by Joel Baud) -

Best Comedy

A real friend (Directed by Tom Ferrer)
American Refugees (Directed by Willem Holzer)

Dirty Sean (Directed by Nicolas Vasseur)

What? (Directed by Alek Lev)

Weezy Goes Outside - a short film (Directed by Daniel Tenenbaum) 


Best Horror

Drop Bear (Directed by Adam Lawes) - WINNER

Surface (Directed by Luke Adam)

The vampyress (Directed by James Worthington)

The Apartment (Directed by Hugues Willy Krebs)

Maya the sacrifice (Directed by Paolo Bertola,Maria Brenda co-director) 


Best Thriller

FRAGOR (Directed by Jorge Alejandro Gonzalez Ley)  - WINNER

Becoming Emma Braintree (Directed by Joshua Koske)

Blinds(Directed by Matt Shelar)

Shorrebreak (Directed by Thibault Cadentem)

Carnation (Directed by Aya Bassiouni) 

Best Action

Resignation Day (Directed by Adam Brashaw, Adam Basil) - WINNER

The only way out (Directed by Andrew Neaves)


Best Sci-Fi

Alien whispers (Directed by Ashley Hays Wright)

Luna-Tic (Directed by Maria Brenda, Binjal patel co-director)
VI (Directed by Deyan Tsvyatkov)  -

The vampire`s kiss (Directed by Marius Oneta)

Over the skyline (Directed by Marco Gentili)


Best Fantasy

Sigillum (Directed by Peter Rüfer)  - WINNER

The contract musical (Directed by Chris Cole)

A storybook for adults and other children: For mental health professionals,teachers and families (Directed by Jerri Curry ph.d)

Animal Instincts: The urban jungle animated (Directed by Antoine Jackson)



Potato Bug (Directed by Frances Gumm)

Transcending Duality (Directed by Alexa Lautenschlager)

1959 (Directed by Daniel Gomez)
We all lie my darling (Directed by Pierre  Nicolas Panasci)  -

A Story of Weeding (Directed by Wei ZHAO)



Best Director

Goodnight,bella (Directed by Clyde Capistrano ) - WINNER

Anima (Directed by Pany Konstantinidou)

Elevator man (Directed by Kossangue Sadia)

The death of an artist (Directed by Songhuan Li)

Lamb (Directed by Pollyann Popermajer)



Best Editing

The death of an artist (Directed by Songhuan Li) - WINNER

Ode to the whale of christ (Directed by David Matthew Johnson)

Like Falling Leaves (Directed by Vicenzo Totaro)

Dead Dreamland Seas( Directed by Jordan Deal)

The Awakening (Directed by Andrew Abbiw)


Best VFX

Luna-Tic (Directed by Maria Brenda, Binjal patel co-director) - WINNER

Energize your communications (Vfx: Andreas Boehler, Directed by Christop Göttel)

F Stand for Life(Directed by Alessandro Nardini)

Age of Wonder (Directed by Austin Jackson )


Best Original Song

When Dust Turns Dark (Directed by Markus Amadeus Sievers)

Panguru`s Theme ( by Ryuho Okawa)
Mr. Baker`s wonderfil world  (Directed by Riagain Grainger) -

Something called Love (Directed by Eden James,Sheheryar Kazi)

Xmas Freak (Directed by Sean Brown Music By Gemma Bulos)


Best Sound Design

A Shot in the Fog ( Directed by João Thomaz Londres )

Age of Wonder (Directed by Austin Jackson,Music by Austin Jackson)
Energize your communications (Directed by Christop Göttel) -


Best Original Score

Blinds (Music Composed by Suuns, Directed by Matt Shelar) - WINNER

Bread and Circuse (Recording artist: Cole Bannick, Directed by Marcel Andre)

What we left behind (Original soundtrack by Ryan Robuson-Bluer & Directed by Lloyd Edgar)

The Apartment (Music by Mssimo Trassente, Directed by Hugues Willy Krebs)

A Shot in the Fog ( Directed by João Thomaz Londres)


Best Actor

The pro bono watchman (Actor: Mike Gassaway, Directed by Ray Spivey)  - WINNER

Elevator Man (Actor: Labracherie Charly, Directed by Kossangue Sadia)

Get Through the Day (Actor: Petrus özer, Directed by Reza Tavakoli)

Break Every Chain (Actor: Ignacyo Matynia, Directed by Tim Searfoss)

Ashes (Actor: Mehdi Ajroudi & Directed by Lewis Martin Soucy)


Best Actress

Transplant (Actress: Deana Taheri& Directed by Vanessa Vivas)

Remind me (Actress:Andriani Aggelidaki, Directed by Maria Svoliantopolou)

Before it all happened (Actress: Daria Sudomir, Directed by Elton Tan)
FRORE (Actress: Vidhatri Bandi, Directed by Madhur Mittal) -

The death of an artist (Actress: Daria Sarmientos, Directed by Songhuan Li)

Best Production Design

Bread and Circuses (Directed by Marcel Andre) - WINNER

Before it all happened (Directed by Elton Tan)

The death of an artist (Directed by Songhuan Li)

Occupied (Production designer: Dana Jungerius, Directed by Alex Bates)

Goodnight,bella (Directed by Clyde Capistrano)

Best Original Screenplay

BOSS LADY...the Legend (Written by Meshall Shumate) - WINNER

Brown Butter Almond Brittle (Written by JC Smith)

The journey of life (Written by Hu li huai ) - Deelte

One More California… (Written by Dean H Huh)

The Celestial Highway (Written by Kevin J. Howard)


Honorable Mention

JOHNNY (Directed by Tommy Petroskey) 

Perfect-Fit(Directed by Landen Erickson) 

El Tango del Diez (Directed by Tullio Imperatore) 

A Moment in Time (Directed by Brandom Russel) 

Peach (Directed by Christina Su) 

The Journey (Directed by Parambrata Chattopadhyay)

The Great Conjunction (Written by Karolina Smolova)

Memphis Tango (Written by Joseph B. Atkins)

Mr. Baker's Wonderful World (Directed by Riagáin Grainger)

I Can (Not) Forgive (Written by Jeff Baugh, Josh Stephenson)

Sunflower (Directed by Elmira Gilman)
Roots (Directed by Ryan Gathorne)
The Meaning of Life is This: Chris Gantry Songs, Stories and Sermons  (Directed by Demetria Kalodimos)