Congratulation to all selected films! 

Best Live Action  Short Film

Sins of the Father (Directed by Doug Jordan) 

Echo (Directed by Gabriele Di Sazio)

Pamela & Ivy (Directed by Leah McKendrick ) 

Aquatic Bird (Directed by Nan Zhang) 

Killing Me Softly With Her Love (Directed by Colin Ross Smith) - WINNER

Best Live Action or Animation Feature Film

WARMUFFIN (Directed by Johan Liedgren)

TORN - Dark Bullets (Directed by Dan Rizzuto) - WINNER

The Silversmith (Directed by Tárkányi János)

SHOCKING MARRIAGE (Directed by Demetrio Casile)

The Playground (Directed Kevin V. Tudor)

Best Feature Documentary

Candidato 34 (Directe by Ryan Marley)  - WINNER

A Perfect Vintage (Directed by Troy Christian)

Britain's Big Cat Mystery (Directed by Matthew Everett) 

Toni Morrison, Black Matter(s) (Directed by Claire Laborey)

The Himba (Directed by Ebru Cakirkaya)


Best Short Documentary

Afgan Women (Directed by Zeynep Keçeciler)

Garage Romantic (Directed by Daniel Sadgrove) - WINNER

Between Heaven and a Hard Land (Directed by Matthew Wilcox)

BELLE-ILE IN ACADIE (Directed by Phil Comeau)

FREED CLIMB (Directed by Benoit Regord)


Best Music Video

UNHOLY ROLLER (Directed by Laurent Mercier)

MIYAGI & ANDY PANDA – YAMAKASI (Directed by Egor Tarasov, Vladimir Ivanov) - WINNER

Anything but science fiction (Directed by Filippo Giovagnoni, Francesco Ronchi, Giovanni Baracchi)

Give Me Light (Directed by JD Kelleher)

Tiempo (Directed by Louis Moncouyoux)


Best Experimental Film

The Dressmaker (Directed by Philip White)

Believer (Directed by Akshay Yagnik)

The Hyperzoo (Directed by Michele Giangrande)

Unfolding (Directed by Romaine Reid) - WINNER

Smokestack Lightning (Directed by Charissa Kroeger, Eric Schloesser)

Best Animation Short

MY BABUSHKA SMOKES A PIPE (Directed by Ivan Pavlov) - WINNER

It's Okay (Directed by Aiman Samat)

Fen (Directed by Rubén Gallardo)

Refusal (2021) (Directed by Brian Luff) 

jeijay (Directed by Petra Stipetic, Maren Wiese)



Best Student Film

Expect (Directed by Zhang Yao Yuan)

Le Sacre (Directed by Maxime MUSSAT, Guillaume OHREL)

Waiting For Tomorrow (Directed by Cederic Thirion)

Outsiders (Directed by Gleb Osatinski) - WINNER

Gandi (Directed by Sava Stamenković)


Best Inspirational Film

Superhuman (Directed by Michael & Mathias Jener, Lisa Brandt)

Neo Gender (Directed by Emmanuelle Soffé)

Dimenticanze (Directed by Victor Carlo Vitale) - WINNER

Opening Number (Directed by Cole Cabiness)

Valens (Directed by Mazin Akar)


Best Drama

Florence & Normandie (Directed by Riley Robbins) 

I Forgot To Say Thank You (Directed by Miguel Antonio) - WINNER

Narcissistic (Directed by Dol Benjamin) 

Angel Mountain (Directed by Angel Mountain) 

Aquatic Bird (Directed by Nan Zhang) 


Best Comedy

Most Unwanted (Directed by Sara Young)

No place like lockdown (Directed by Mariusz Kuczewski)

#richieneedsawife (Directed by Rich Devaney)  - WINNER

The Therapy (Directed by Daniel Aurelio)

Dog Day Morning  ( Directed by Emiliano d'Avila)


Best Horror

St. Patrick's Day (Directed by Jared Campbell)

Modoru (Directed by Kate Schumann)

Inheritance (Directed by Michael Kenneth Fahr) - WINNER


Best Thriller

VASECTOMIA (Directed by Marc Décosterd)

A Serpent by the Nest (Directed by Brandon Lazenko) - WINNER

Lesson 7 (Directed by Neil Linpow) 

Red Rage (Directed by Savvas D. Michael)

Bury The Truth (Directed by Arman Taheri) 



Best Action

The Knight (Directed by Christopher Mitchell)

Pamela & Ivy (Directed by Leah McKendrick) - WINNER


Best Sci-Fi

The Adventures of the Gray Hat Hacker (Directed by Beau Garner) 

Penury (Directed by Quentin Sur) 

vEmotion (Directed by Erkan Lüleci)  - WINNER

M1das (Directed by Razan Takash) 

Nocturnals (Directed by Jonathan Brooks) 


Best Fantasy

Princess Cursed in Time (Directed by Petr Kubík)  - WINNER

Aquatic Bird (Directed by Nan Zhang) 

Red Rage (Directed by Savvas D. Michael) 

Gretel & Hansel: A New Musical (Directed by Alex Preston)

Viking Short Film | Konungr ( Directed by Daniel Maslen) 



The Last Gift (Directed by Alex Preston)  - WINNER

Plum (Directed by Blake Snawder|) 

Best Director

Florence & Normandie (Directed by Riley Robbins)  - WINNER

The Fix (Directed by Glenn Robert Ford) 

Sanctuary (Directed by Devin Hampton) 

The Grand Gesture (Directed by Jack Brame) 

American Desert (Directed by Adrian Bartol )

Best Editing

FINAL ROUND. (Edited by Claudia Cortés Espejo, Directed by Gustavo Cortés Bueno, Mohamed Fekrane )  - WINNER

A Cthulhu Stroy  (Edited and directed by Zhidong Yi) 

Brad (Edited by Maxwell Dezell, robbie Gongea , Directed by Maxwell Dezell)

Among Dreams (Edited and Directed by Joaquim Pavão)

The Playground (Edited by Heath Snow, Directed by Kevin V. Tudor)

Best VFX

Pamela & Ivy (VFX supervisor Jonathan Alvord , Directed by Leah McKendrick ) - WINNER

404 file not found  (VFX supervisor David De Franca, Directed by Paolo Brozzi)

Monkey Enters Lanka ( VFX supervised and directed by Saie Surendra)

Best Original Song

The Race (Song Unknown - by Deborah Kavasch, Directed by Carolina Stevens, Michael Everett) 

Shocking Marriage (Song Unknown - by Lenzo Malafarina, Directed by Demetrio Casile)

California Sunshine ( ”Island in the Sky” written and performed by Sad Alex, Directed by Ricky Wang)

FINAL ROUND. (“Steven Goes to the Park” by Leo Becker,  Directed by Gustavo Cortés Bueno, Mohamed Fekrane)

Paillette (“I Think I Just Found my Calling by Spencer Peppet, Alex Trugman , Written and Directed by Gabi Goyette) - WINNER


Best Sound Design

Blood on the Risers (Sound Designed by Dwight Chalmers, Directed by Caleb Fanning) - WINNER

The Adventures of the Gray Hat Hacker (Sound Designed by Despite Zeljko, Directed by Beau Garner)

Alaska Long Hunters 44 (Sound Designer Wes Dewitte, Directed by Mark D. Rose)


Best Original Score

A Serpent by the Nest (Music composed by Ameya Saraf, Directed by Brandon Lazenko)

The Ribbon (Music composed by Jonathan Galland, Directed by Polla-Ilariya Kozino) - WINNER

The Race (Music composed by Deborah Kavasch, Directed by Carolina Stevens, Michael Everett)

Gabriel (Music composed by Tim Janssens, Directed by Nuno Bernardo)

Moving Art: Underwater (Music composed Alan Williams , Directed by Directed by Howard Hall)


Best Actor

Jet Jandreau (in Film Give Up The Ghost, Directed by Chris Mullins)

Abhik Banerjee (In Film Believer, Directed by Akshay Yagnik ) - WINNER

James Darch (In Film On A List ,  Directed by Lee Foster, Tito Guillen)

Will Brandt (In Film American Desert, Directed by Adrian Bartol)

Joshuah Melnick (In Film In Between Trains, Directed by Joshuah Melnick)


Best Actress

Hannia Guillen (In film The Therapy, Directed by Daniel Aurelio)

Maria Müller (In film Where Are You from Again?, Directed by Benjamin Freemantle)

Freja Zeuthen (In film  Night Out,  Directed by  James Huang) - WINNER

Ashton Clay (In film Oh Dalia, Directed by Seanie Sugrue)

Kathy Wilson (In film Opening Number, Directed by Cole Cabiness) 


Best Original Screenplay

The Postcard (Written by Mike Sorrinni) - WINNER

Warmuffin (Written by Johan Liedgren)

Red Rage (Written by Savvas D. Michael)

After This (Written by Kaitlyn Clare) 

Mia (Written by Matthew Townsend)

Best Production Design

Permafrost (Production designer : Jonah Eslinger , Directed by Aeryn Lee)

Blood on the Risers (Production design by Mitchell Crisp,
Oscar Zamora, Molly Lindemenn, Ben Robbins, Directed by Caleb Fanning)

Avalakki Pavalakki (Production design by Manjunath Shinde,
Manjunath Shinde, Ranjitha Subramanya,  Durga Prasad, Directed by Druga Prasad) 

The Hyperzoo (Production design by Angela Varvara, Directed by Michele Giangrande) 




Honorable mention :

Stevens - Johnson (Directed by Tobias Frøystad) - Honorable mention

UNCLE MAURICE (Directed by Xavier Diskeuve) - Honorable mention

《Chorus》 (Directed by Qian Yingyu ) - Honorable mention

Father (Directed by Gleb Osatinski) - Honorable mention

Rawdon’s Roof (Directed by Monica Tidwell) - Honorable mention

SHARP (Directed by Sander Ligthart) - Honorable mention

BodyPride (Directed by Tharanga Ramanayake) - Honorable mention 

Take Me To The Color (Directed by Olivia Mia Orozco) - Honorable mention 

Crossroads (Directed by Marco Berton Scapinello) - Honorable mention

Pregnancy Test (Directed by Matthew Sawyer) - Honorable mention 

Piedras Gordas (Directed by Jorge García| - Honorable mention

Gone with the Ocean (Directed by Bide Yuan) - Honorable mention 

Out Of Time (2020) (Directed by Rebecca Harris-Smith) - Honorable mention

One Left (Directed by Chandler Balli) - Honorable mention

Gratia Plena (Directed by Nicolò Tagliabue) - Honorable mention

846 (Directed by Charles Andrews) - Honorable mention

Blue Breath (Directed by Rodrigo Areias)-  Honorable mention

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