Congratulations to all the winners and nominees!

Best Live Action Short Film

Bird Feeder (Directed by Jack Fay)

Blinded (Directed by CECILIA CHOI) 
Like I Said (Directed by Jolyon White) -

Main Street (Directed by Joshua Woodcock) 

A whole new world in focus (Directed by Robert Erniso)


Best Live Action or Animation Feature Film

FIRASTYA (English meaning: The Peripatetic) (Directed by VITTHAL MACHINDRA BHOSALE) - WINNER

STAND UP! Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places (Directed by Timo Jacobs)

McManus & Sons (Directed by Jamie Francis, Dan Francis)

Through A Glass, dimly (Directed by Brian K. Burns)

FAAS (Directed Avinash Kolte)


Best Feature Documentary

The sounds of city (Directed by EDU FELISTOQUE, Gab Felistoque) - WINNER

14 Games (Directed by Victor Baltazar)

WAS I NEXT? THE SEAN CRIBBIN STORY (Directed by Craig Huckerby) 

Monsieur Pigeon (Directed by Antonio Prata)

A VOYAGE AGAINST TIME (Directed by Steve Mackay, Jonathan Ali Khan)


Best Short Documentary

Paris – Beckett (Directed by David Bickley)

90 Days to Leave (Directed by Tanmay Srivastava)

PIVOT Paying It Forward (Directed by Robert Hunkele, Tom DiDonato)

The Shadows of Kok Thlok (Directed by Jeanne Pansard-Besson)
The Disparity (Directed by Kasey Flynn) -


Best Music Video

Christmas In Hawaii (Directed by Mariel Noir) 

Astronauts (Directed by Pauline Moreau)

Barricades (Directed by Jeon Seong)
Drunken Alpaka (Directed by Felix Pitscheneder) -

Made it (Directed by Brian Henderson)


Best Experimental Film

Shoe Horn/Office (Directed by Ingrid Nachstern) - WINNER

Blue Glass (Directed by Janusz Madej)

QARDOUN [La Passation] (Directed by Sarah El Hamed)

O_CE_AN (Directed by Priscila Guedes)

Life or Death of a City - A filmic Triptych (Directed by Sascha Kloas)

LUCA AND ISO (Directed By Damian Overton, Ed Cali)

Best Animation Short

The Depression of Detective Downs 2: On Depression's Edge (Directed by Anthony Thurman)
Justin and the Werloobee (Directed by Ken Yoffe & Ellen Weisberg, John Vo) -

LOVE and CORE (Directed by Hermann Kayode)

LEAPLIVES (Directed by Jonathan Manuel Camargo Labeau) 

Pearl (Directed by Casanova Olivier, Thiebault Marius)


Best Student Film

The Off Limits (Directed by Alem Fantine) - WINNER

SUNDOWN TOWN (Directed by Mylo Butler)

The hidden side of the pocket watch (Directed by Julie Zida)

Wounds (Directed by Nikos Mpougioukas)

Trauma Model (Directed by Abtin Taharrozi)


Best Inspirational Film

Vitruvian (Directed by Walter Christian Franchini)

My name is Shaun (Directed by Ann Topolsky) 
Empathy (Directed by Austin Odigie) -

How to see a kite (Directed by Harald Sørlie)

What I want to say, Burn! (Directed by Luís Damas)


Best Drama

Against my Will (Directed by Nils Lane) - WINNER

Lella (Directed by Michele capuano)

Dart (Directed by tamo zaen) 

Happy Moments (Directed by Alexandros Zarbis) 

Smoking Kills (Directed by Steven LUCHEL) 


Best Comedy

1,2...7,8...10 or How to Meet Your Other 1/2 In 10 Steps (Directed by Vanya Boycheva)

Cult Following (Directed by Amy Parry)
Trusting Chloe (Directed by Todd Long) -

Call (the) Girl (Directed by Hee chul Kwon)

The Man at the Bottom of the Garden (Directed by Paul Blinkhorn)


Best Horror

Kakure Baba (Directed by Tyler Crane)  - WINNER


Father’s Day (Directed by YuLun Wu) 

Venganza* (Directed by Joey Agbayani)

Sundown town (Directed by Mylo Butler)


Best Thriller

The Dunes (Directed by Martin Copping) 
MindGait (Directed by James Rasile) - WINNER

The Box (Directed by Demarcus Brown) 

Miss Mary Mack (Directed by Tim True)

Nottata a Due (Directed by Alice Brizzi) 


Best Action

The Cure (Directed by Toom Chanda, Sakee Xiong) - WINNER

The Alliance 2019 (Directed by Robert L Butler Jr) 


Best Sci-Fi

(Dys)Functional (Directed by Adam Nowak) - WINNER

Lemonade Party (Directed by Alexander Minas) 

Celestial Twin (Directed by Chana de Moura)  


Best Fantasy

The Feast (Directed by Jacob Jordan)  - WINNER

Exist, Not Exist: Zero Tolerance For Silence (Directed by Hee chul Kwon) 



Dinner for Lemons (Directed by Marcus Farrell)
WAS I NEXT? THE SEAN CRIBBIN STORY (Directed by Craig Huckerby)

Swivel (Directed by Lois Norman) 

Best Director

Main Street (Directed by Joshua Woodcock) - WINNER

Colors: White (Directed by AK Srikanth) 

Jenny (Directed by Junyi Song) 

Bird Feeder (Directed by Jack Fay) 

Wooling (Directed by Yang Ju Chiang)


Best Editing

Sundown Town (Edited & Directed by Craig Hunter)
Against my will (Edited & directed by Nils Lane) -

Trusting Chloe (Edited by Randi Barros, Directed by Todd Long)

Climb (Edited & Directed by Neil Myers)


Best Original Song

Déjà Vu - Deathloop Theme Song (Playstation) (Author - Alexandra Petkovski,
Band or Artist – FJØRA, Producers/Composers- Alexandra Petkovski (FJØRA), Kris Kovacs)  -

PRESAGE (Song Unknown - by VICTOR HUGGO, Directed by FELIPE CUNHA)


Best Sound Design


Crowd (Sound Design by Secil Erdogan, Directed by Recep Akar)


Best Original Score

In tune (Sound tarck by Artie’s Sambino, Directed by Artyom Poghosyan)

Radio Free NewPort (Music composed by Christopher Braig, Directed by Christopher Braig)
The Fear Of Finding Something Worse (Music composed by Armaan Sultan, Directed by Ronni August) -


Best Actor

The Inventorians (Actor: Zé Pedro Baroni, Directed by Nei Francisco)

The Feast (Actor: Osian, Directed by Jacob Jordan)

The Elephant in the Room (Actor: Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick, Directed by Jonathan Bucari)

Unconditinally (Actress: Jermaine “Zbek” Nelson, Directed by Sosiessia Nixon)
Luca And ISO (Actor: Ed Cali, Directed by Damian Overton, Ed Cali) -


Best Actress

Against my will (Actress: Lydie Misiek, Directed by Nils Lane)

Watch me on TV (Actress: Anastasia Cherepanova, Elisabeth Cherepanova, Directed by Emeric Gallego)

Unconditinally (Actress: Quera South, Directed by Sosiessia Nixon)
Single (Actress: Anna Sozzani, Directed by Anna Sesia)

Aquamarine (Actress: Eric Weigand, Directed by Jack Dentinger)


Best Production Design

Émilie & Voltaire (Production designer: Brendan De La Hay, Directed by Beth Daly) - WINNER

Lemonade Party (Production design by Kat Francesconi, Directed by Alexander Minas) 

Best Original Screenplay

Whisper of the Incense (Written by Lai-Fan Leung)
Don’t Breathe (Written by Caitlin Adams) - WINNER

21 Days in Paris (Written by Denis Mortenson)

WOOING (Written by Yang Ju Chiang)

Lost But Not Forgotten (Written by Jason Sedlar) 


Honorable Mention

Porichoy (The Identity) (Directed by Promita Bhowmik)


A.U.D (Directed by AMMAM)

Hidden Waters (Directed by Kiranmayi Indraganti)

Sami (Directed by Alicia Lopez)

Dart (Actor: Noor Shekhani, Directed by Tamo Zaen)

Death Times Two (Actress: Matina Nikolaou, Directed by Yannis Harbatsis)

My Own (Directed by Courtney Therond)

Dinner for Lemons (Directed by Marcus Farrell)
Waiting for time (Actor: Ariyon Bakare, Directed by The Bashford Twins)

LotusLand (Written by Daniel Corey)

City of Cousins ( Written by Victoria L White)

Sans Everything (Written by Yanzi Ding)

Dust (Written by Marco Balzano)