Congratulation to all the nominees! 

Best Live Action Short Film

Inconvenience store (Directed by Danny Coolahan)  - WINNER

Skitoz (Directed by Alexis PERROTE, Diego PERROTE)

Let this be the last (Directed by Yigit Sari)

Me and Myself (Directed by Passos Zamith)

Reasons (Directed by Cesar Erba)


Best Live Action or Animation Feature Film

Hamlet/Horatio (Directed by Paul Warner)

The Art - The love - And the girl in between! (Directed by Srikanth SRI Appalaraju)

She Q (Directed by Tomoaki Yanai)
Invisible (Directed by JEONG HEE JUN) -

The hurt we share  (Directed by Vega Montanez)


Best Feature Documentary

San Dance!A journey to the heart of San culture (Directed by Richard Wicksteed) - WINNER

Shine Service (Directed by Drew Maynard)

Broken Chains (Directed by Michael Lints, Aaron Stewart)

The Scariest Movie Ever Made(2020)(Directed by Kj Ozborne)

The other side of the pandemic (Directed by Luiza Schultz)


Best Short Documentary

Alone Beneath the Northern Ligths (Directed by Valentin Boitel-Denyset)

The horrors of 2020 (Directed by Victor Silas)
Still River,Silent Jungle (Directed by Hayley Stuart) -

Moshe Safdie:Habitat in Nature (Directed by Jia Li)

Rangers Heroes (Directed by Silene Brandi)


Best Music Video

Hotel Room - Beige Banquet (Directed by Al Brown)

Valentine`s Day (Directed by Rylie Decocq)

Dream Secuence (Directed by Nolan Blair,Julia Renee)

She`s Come to Sing (Directed by Brielle Brown)
Serek F`Bir(Your secret is well kept) (Directed by Julien Foure) -


Best Experimental Film

Sonder (Directed by Greta Maria Kogler)
Technology Minded(Directed by Joey James Salehi) -

Kolonial (Directed by Steffanie Batten Bland)

MARS, the bringer of war (Directed by Kostyantin Mischenko)

The Blackbird Interviews (Directed by Tiffany Rhodes)


Best Animation Short

Voyager (Directed by Soham Sarcar)

Self (Directed by Yixin Wang)

Pandemic Punk:The transmedia comic book experience (Directed by TJ Walker)
The boy and the jazz (Directed by Flavio Dos Santos) -

Politics(Directed by Onur Alparslan)


Best Student Film

Nina (Directed by Marie Louise Ryckaert,Pierre Estingoy) - WINNER

When you are old (Directed by Zhongyuan Zhang)

Tequila Dream (Directed by Peter Lavery)

Two`s a lesson (Directed by Joshua Urquhart)

The journey back (Directed by Chrro)


Best Inspirational Film

INA (Directed by RAJEEV VIJAY)

Moises (Directed by Aaron Monsivais)

IYAL (Directd by Aravinth Kumaran)



Best Drama

Color me black (Directed by Drewz Andrews, Fugusta Neal LLL) - WINNER

All Abroad!(Directed by Seiichi Hishikawa)

I live for you (Directed by Gaetano Ippolito)

The waiting (Directed by F.C. Rabbath)

WELLSPRING (Directed by Jeffrey Smith Quizon)


Best Comedy

Delivery man(Directed by Kanat Omurbekov) - WINNER

The cookie thief (Directed by Bella Hall)

Forked (Directed by Joseph Pittro)

Daniel vs. International Terrorism(part 1&2) (Directed by Daniel Trengove)

Absence (Directed by Valentina Romanelli,Maxime Rochat) 


Best Horror

Room 1403 (Directed by Masaaki Mitsuyasu)

Resurrection (Directed by Alfredo Moreno)
Don`t look back (Directed by Nathan J. Allan) -

Premonition (Directed by Evgeny Vedrov)


Best Thriller

Ex-Nihilo (Directed by Mohamad Pourfar) - WINNER

Cachexia (Directed by Alina Galimullina)

Closure (Directed by Ziv Sheffer)

Habitually (Directed by Ama Buzo)

Grandma&Ladybugs (Directed by LeGrand Leseur)



Best Action

Borrowed time aka denard (Directed by Alan Delabie)
Vertu (Directed by Fabien Dufils) -

Amazon Queen (Directed by Marlin Darrah)

Meeting with the devil (Directed by Theo Kim)

Jesters Paradise(Directed by Sadi Eliyesil)


Best Sci-Fi

Dayly driver (Directed by Jonathan Adams)

In-Finite (Directed by Alican Eren Kuzu)

Real World (Directed by Mathew Panayiotou)

Love Robot (Directed by Ayala Wollstain)
Adarnia: A sci-fi short film (Directed by CLEMHYN MORALES ESCOSORA) -


Best Fantasy

Mime (Directed by Gabriel Sanper)

Slow Moving houses (Directed by Mischa Jakupcak)

Everything (Directed by Daniel Gao)
The Hunt: Savage Whitin (Directed by Fabien Garcia) -

Heaven & Hell(Directed by Rich Varville)



Thank you for being a friend (Directed by Anup Thapa)

Last Time (Directed by Mengting Gong)

ARENA (Directed by Myles Clohessy)
Found Family (Directed by Esmee Lavalette) -

Vaadal (Directed by Arjun Singh)


Best Director

The keys,a cat and a black fish (Directed by Gonzalo Mejia) - WINNER

Invisible (Directed by Jeong Hee Jun)

Phishing(Directed by Xinglin Lee)

Harmonica-Taiyo (Directed by Seiichi Hiyikawa)

The Shadow (Directed by Juan Antonio Chavero Briones)


Best Editing

When you are old (Directed by Zhongyuan Zhang) - WINNER

All the lonely people(a cure for the loneliness) (Directed by Paul J Lane)


Best VFX

Group Think(brain bug) (Vfx and Directed by Lars Magnus Holmgren)
Precursor (Vfx and Directed by Marco Castiglione ) -


Best Original Song

U SO MEAN NOTHING 2 ME (Autor: Ryan Martinez, Debra Gussin, Mike Westbrock) - WINNER

Caesar the musical (Directed by Mike Petrone) 

Jaine`s Melody (Directed by Rick Cerda, original music by Rick Cerda)


Best Sound Design

Invisible (Directed by JEONG HEE JUN.) - WINNER

Jester`s Paradise(sound design by Yiwen Ma ,Directed bySadi Eliyesil)


Best Original Score

Eagle Wings (Author Chuck Nnamdi Okudo)
Someone Worthy (score and directed by Corbin Marshall) -

Best Original Screenplay

Hamlet/Horatio (Written by David Vando)

Fields of Diamonds (Written by Charlie Alejandro)
The Rest of the Da Vinci code (Written by Melvin Leroy Abercrombie)
WELLSPRING (Written by Ken Kwek and Jeffrey Smith Quizon)
The Terrorist (Written by John Stimson) -


Best Actor

Sky on fire (Actor and director: mehro)

Visor (Actor: Liaan Ferreira, Directed by Daniel Desmond)

Joy (Actor and Director : Varun Singh Rajput)
GEORGE M.COHAN TONIGHT(Actor and Director: Jon J Peterson) -

Masquerade (Actor: Oscar Pereira & Directed by Milagros Bernale Lavalle)


Best Actress

Artificial Souldier (Actress: Paola Tonini, Directed by Jason Gonzalez) - WINNER

Automate (Actress: Kim Klasner & Directed by John Scott 3)

SS44 (Actress: Mariah Gale, Directed by Joseph Cap)

Dark Trepidation (Actress: Becca Whitesmith, Directed by Jason Bigart and Christopher Jones)

Sabor a ti (Actress: Andrea Morey, Directed by Adriana Andrea Morey)


Best Production Design

Room (Set Designer: Hannah Bradley, & Directed by Jacob Bellmore)

Slow Moving Houses (Producer: Wes Hurley & Directed by Mischa Jakupcak)
DADA LAKHMI (Producers: Ravindra Singh Rajawat,Yashpal Sharma, Directed by Yashpal Sharma -


Honorable Mention

Eternal Drowning (Directed by Napasin Samkaewcham)

Sebastiana(Directed by Claudio Martins)

Eloise Lou (Directed by Marc Baradat)

My body to love (Directed by Anthony Themoleas)

My journey Across the ocean (Directed by Madeleine Kelly Toomey)