Congratulations to all the winners and nominees!

Best Live Action Short Film

Although I am retired- (Directed by Feng Tian Xun)
ALIE- (Directed by Kadim Tarasov, Viktor Romaniuk)

The Color Happy- (Directed by Dale Fabrigar)

The Henchman of Notre Dame- (Directed by Timothy Naylor)
By Blood- (Directed by Guillaume Enard, Jonathan Delerue) - WINNER


Best Live Action or Animation Feature Film

Echo Rhyme- (Directed by Caleb Johnson)

Wake Up Sleeping Beauty- (Directed by Shila Ommi)
Away from the shore- (Directed by Kostadin Bonev) - WINNER

Landfill- (Directed by Yesser Laham)

His Stretch of Texas Ground- (Directed by Ralph Cinque)


Best Feature Documentary

Fashioning WEST AFRICA - "Conversations with West African creatives“- (Directed by Emmanuel Ekuban)

Out of Chaos, an Artist’s Journey in Haiti- (Directed by Pascal Giacomini)
AULCIE- (Directed by Dani Menkin) - WINNER

Paris, City of Love- (Directed by Mathilde Damoisel)

Built lands- (Directed by Arturo Dueñas Herrero)


Best Short Documentary

Pinnacle- (Directed by Vikram Jeet Singh Parmar)

TransSiberia- (Directed by Ciaran O'Connell)
Mike & Maurice- (Directed by Gareth Bartlett) - WINNER

Polymers- (Directed by Nikas Kotich)
Heart of Kenya- (Directed by Patryk Majchrzak) -


Best Music Video

Sincerity- (Directed by Chase Taylor) - WINNER
Straight Into The Ocean- (Directed by Carolyn Laws) - WINNER

Raver Horse - Open Stable- (Directed by Sebastian Harrer)

50 Ways to Save Your Lover- (Directed by Christina Haga Ommestad)

Green to Gold- (Directed by  Derrick Belcham, Emily Terndrup)

I could not love you enough- (Directed by Giuseppe Lanno)


Best Experimental Film

The Secret Walls- (Directed by Anne Charrin, Lise Charrin, Aude Charrin, Jean-Marie Gatin) - WINNER
SPELL- (Directed by Philippe Safire)
Angel Girl- (Directed by CJ Rook)
Wake Up Sleeping Beauty- (Directed by Hila Ommi)
Hit the Bucket- (Directed by Michael Jacinto, Aidan Tracy)


Best Animation Short

Behind the glass- (Directed by Pedro de la Llave) - WINNER

Ruby & Roach- (Directed by Erentia Bedeker)

50 Ways to Save Your Lover- (Directed by Christina Haga Ommestad)

On / Off- (Directed by Nicolas P. Villarreal)

Doing the Robot- (Directed by Ravi Guru Singh)


Best Student Film

Somewhere Under the Sun- (Directed by Sigrún Mathiesen)

Adoration- (Directed by Nika Khargiyanova)
Polaris- (Directed by Ellen Gordon) - WINNER

Are You Chasing A Feeling?- (Directed by Theo Kapetanakis)

Faceless- (Directed by Abril Arnauda)


Best Inspirational Film

Be Like Water- (Directed by Myrddin Keanu)

LOZERE- (Directed by Louyriac Pierre)
RISING- (Directed by Trevor Whelan, Rua Meegan, Grizzly) - WINNER

The Silence That You Do- (Directed by Evandro Souza)

4.5m²- (Directed by KIM JE HYUN)


Best Drama

medicine- (Directed by Dominic Power)

Broken record- (Directed by Marie Seurin, Mathilde Cadrot)

The Path of Silence- (Directed by Yoann Roig)
Oscar- (Directed by Dennis Dellai) - WINNER

Smoking Kills- (Directed by Steven Luchel)


Best Comedy

Closeted- (Directed by Magali Perra)

Big Time- (Directed by Rob Margolies)

Who Is It?- (Directed by Jim Menza)

Carl Mason- (Directed by Mark McDonald)
There is someone at home- (Directed by Firode Laurent) - WINNER


Best Horror


Havoc 114- (Directed by David Quintana)


Best Thriller

The Runner- (Directed by Michelle Danner) - WINNER

Dead Or?- (Directed by Kaschmiere Rich, Andre Blaze Rodgers)

ART- (Directed by Ian Marioles)

MACO- (Directed by Juan Sebastian Torales)

What is wrong with you, human?- (Directed by Manish Lakra)


Best Action

Edge of Chaos- (Directed by John S. Miller)
The Last Loner- (Directed by Amadeusz Kocan)

Project Gemini- (Directed by Isaiah Andrés Galarza)

The Resumé- (Directed by Jon Kubina)

Assassinators: Into the Night- (Directed by Amrik Singh Pabla)


Best Sci-Fi

Love & Co.- (Directed by Adam Floeck)
No Stars Anymore- (Directed by Lukasz Rog) - WINNER

Virgo – A Women’s cold feet- (Directed by Massimo Ivan Falsetta)

I AM HERE- (Directed by Adam Nowak)

System on A Chip- (Directed by Victor Spatafora)


Best Fantasy

The Grey City- (Directed by Christopher Ma)

GODS- (Directed by Martin Munthe)

Wake Up Sleeping Beauty- (Directed by Shila Ommi)
A Reasonable Doubt- (Directed by Rémi Delissen) - WINNER

Landfill- (Directed by Yesser Laham)



Her Feather, Her Body- (Directed by Sonia Jia) - WINNER

Don Filipo- (Directed by Tim Munoz)

Fan of Cory- (Directed by Kelsey Faamausili, Margot Fitzsimmons)

The Silence That You Do- (Directed by Evandro Souza)

Madge Love- (Directed by Genee Coreno)


Best Director

Kaali Maati- (Directed by Hemantkumar Mahale)

DISSONANCE- (Directed by Yoann Roig)

Posi-Traction- (Directed by Caleb Johnson, Clint Calvert)

The Runner- (Directed by Michelle Danner)
Tili Tili Boom- (Directed by Mahdi Kandil) - WINNER

Best Editing

DISSONANCE- (Edited and Directed by Yoann Roig)

Hit the Bucket- (Edited by Aidan Tracy, Directed by Michael Jacinto, Aidan Tracy)

I AM HERE- (Edited and Directed by Adam Nowak)
Are You Chasing A Feeling?- (Edited by Theo Kapetanakis, Directed by Theo Kapetanakis) - WINNER

Project Gemini- (Edited and Directed by Isaiah Andrés Galarza)


Best VFX

The Last Loner- (VFX Supervisor Bartosz Wabno, Directed by Amadeusz Kocan) - WINNER

I AM HERE-(VFX Supervisor Marcin Przymus, Directed by Adam Nowak)

Wake Up Sleeping Beauty- (VFX Supervisor and Directed by Shila Ommi)


Best Original Song

Black Hurts- (Song Name: Black Hurts, Artist and Directed by:Terry Blade)

Callthistrackamaz on - Fifth House x Rell Be Free- (Song Name: Callthistrackamazon - Fifth House x Rell Be Free,

                                Artist: Hanan Hassan, Rell Be Free, Toni Banx, Directed by Kamyar Mohsenin)

Dharma Power- (Song Name: Ryoma Ichihara, Artist and Directed by: Ryuho Okawa)
Havoc 114- (Song Name: I Got This, Artist: Awake Band, Directed by David Quintana)


Best Sound Design

Chasing Sugar- (Sound Designed by Dimitris Dandolos, Directed by: Rania Mastrosavva)

Posi-Traction- (Sound Designed and Directed by: Caleb Johnson)

Project Gemini- (Sound Designed by Jacob Spivey, Directed by: Isaiah Andrés Galarza)
Be Like Water- (Sound Designed by Haney Lee, Directed by: Myrddin Keanu) - WINNER

Babylon: Ghetto, Renaissance, and Modern Oblivion- (Sound Designed by Aaron Fagerstrom, Directed by: Jessica Gould)


Best Original Score

The Blinding Sea- (Music Composed by George Tombs, Directed by: George Tombs) - WINNER
Project Gemini- (Music Composed by Matthew W Galarza, Directed by: Isaiah Andrés Galarza)
Medicine- (Music Composed and Directed by: Dominic Power)


Best Actor

Kamraj Sundram- (In Film ENGA OORU KAATTILAE, Directed by: Ashokkumar)
Mardell Elmer- (In Film Happy Places, Directed by: Nich Frost) - WINNER

Max McGee- (In Film Thames, Directed by: Tony McGee)

Alessandro C. Masella- (In Film Morella, My Wife, Directed by: Alessandro C. Masella)


Best Actress

Sophie De Fürst, Sarah Vaillant- (In Film ONE TO ONE, Directed by Carol-Anne Grosbois-Claveau, Sarah Vaillant)
Amy Gordon- (In Film Big Time, Directed by Rob Margolies) - WINNER

Molly O’Neil- (In Film Project Gemini, Directed by Isaiah Andrés Galarza)

Saydee Dickinson- (In Film The Carducci Talent Show, Directed by Anthony Fanelli)

Mariah Doss- (In Film Echo Rhyme, Directed by Caleb Johnson)


Best Original Screenplay

The Master's Servant (Written by Todd E Wise) - WINNER

The Public Servant (Written by Daniel Osman aka Lyter Daniel)

By The Sea (Written by Rona Castrioti)

Cadenza (Written by Mark Nahuysen)

Paradise Road (Written by Alexandre Malgat)


Best Production Design

Posi-Traction- (Production design by Caleb Johnson and Clint Calvert, Directed by Caleb Johnson) - WINNER

MICHELLE- (Production design by Anna Yeo Sherwin Yu, Directed by Anik Bernstein)

The Cure- (Production design and Directed by Kevin Lorch)