Best Live Action Short Film

Level 71 (Directed by Peter Salapatas)

Heart of Rose Hip (Directed by Rune Abildgaard)

Waiting for María (Directed by Ariana Cooper Bermúdez)

The Sweetest Girl (Directed by Samuel Ladouceur)
The Gutter (Directed by Tim Lee) -


Best Live Action or Animation Feature Film

Kaunn Con Haii? (Directed by Ashrit Wadhwa)
Sound of pain (Directed by Vijeesh Mani) - WINNER

The Insurer (Directed by Antoine vans)

Todos (Directed by Manuel S. Umo)

The world without you (Directed by Damon Shalit)


Best Feature Documentary

Enemy Within: Caught in the Crossfire (Directed by Shehzad Hameed Ahmad) - WINNER

Film- Wen (Directed by Lee, Chien-Cheng, Yang, Chi-Sheng)

Making an Exoneree (Directed by Rob Dorfmann, Cindy Dorfmann)

MoonShot: The Remarkable Journey of Apollo Chamber Players (Directed by Jeffrey Mills)

Lamar Odom Re_Born (Directed by Michael Zappy Zapolin)


Best Short Documentary

Lorin (Directed by Ajas Kulici)

SUVIVAL AND SCHOOL (Directed by Ilir Kabashi)
Gem Painting (Directed by Philippe Brunot)  


Farmer Taste (Directed by Hsing Hung Lee)


Best Music Video

Baul (Directed by sebastian badino lynch)

The Shins - The Great Divide [Official Video] (Directed by Paul Trillo)

Heart in a Cage (Directed by Aurélie Gurdal)
Whispers (Directed by Kristin McQuaid)  -

Seven Dreams (Directed by Kira Bursky)


Best Experimental Film

Lisa & Emma (Directed by László Bús)

Idiosyncrasy (Directed by Tim Moldenhauer)

DEATH ALONE (Directed by Vishnu sivadas)
VANAh {The Firm} (Directed by Kasper Christiansen) -

Afterlife (Directed by Konstantinos Kiprianidis)


Best Animation Short

Alephia 2053 (Directed by Jorj Abou Mhaya)  - WINNER

Symfaunic (Directed by Erin Bergin, Darby Kate Snyder)

Forget me not (Directed by Saige Guevara, Courtney LeBlanc)

Would Have (Directed by Peter Groverman)

Doom Cruise (Directed by Hannah Stragholz, Simon Steinhorst)



Best Student Film

Arcanum (Directed by CAILOTTO ERIC) - WINNER

Who Is Nate Nixon? (Directed by David Ciura)

Symfaunic (Directed by Erin Bergin, Darby Kate Snyder)

Be Full By Apocalypse (Directed by Kayla Cao)

#DontBottleUp (Directed by Vishal Lalwani)


Best Inspirational Film

Suono (Directed by Laurd Milian) - WINNER

Let America Be America Again (Directed by AJ Lovelace)

Sand Underneath (Directed by Robin Lehnert)

David (Directd by Lota Chukwu)

MoonShot: The Remarkable Journey of Apollo Chamber Players (Directed by Jeffrey Mills)

Best Drama

Drops of Light (Directed by Silvia Monga)
Égalité (Directed by Kida Khodr Ramadan)

Trust (Directed by Delara Rasouli)

The rabbits' house (Directed by Valeria Selinger)

Kaleidoscope (Directed by Axel Rydén)


Best Comedy

Detective MJ: Shadow of a Hero (Directed by Morris D. Small)

Brunch Before Baptism (Directed by David C. Luck, Kent J. Arceneaux)

Flashcut (Directed by Monique Bryson)
You are mine! (Directed by Pascal LASTRAJOLI)

ALIce (Directed by Giampaolo Manara) 


Best Horror

Crescendo (Directed by Stephen Papadimitriou)

Cold Dark Hollow (Directed by Patricia Vonne)
The Princess and the Old Lady (Directed by André Rodrigues) -

Split (Directed by Richard Anthony Dunford)

Eleusis (Directed by Andej Gavriss)


Best Thriller

Dorian (Directed by Alexandre De Caro)

Transcendental Layover (Directed by Biju Viswanath)

Todos (Directed by Manuel S. Umo)
Deep Shock (Directed by Davide Melini) -

Dark Day (Directed by Farhad Shahed)



Best Action

BIG TROUBLE IN SEATTLE (Directed by David Fowler)  - WINNER

Project Gemini (Directed by Isaiah Andrés Galarza)

THE PRINCE OF NORTH WEST (Directed by Todor Tragmar)



Best Sci-Fi

Sight Extended (Directed by Eran May Raz, Daniel Lazo)  - WINNER

Venus (Directed by Andrew McGee)

The Shasta Triangle (Directed by Barry W. Levy)

Asymmetry Title Sequence (Directed by Gryun Kim)

Tokinoko (Directed by Alexandre Mallein)


Best Fantasy

The Breath of Life (Directed by Anna Gerasimova)  - WINNER

The Egg (Directed by Andrej Dojkic)

Quest of Queens ** (Directed by Michael G Kehoe)

Seventh Wolf (Directed by Zane Barber)

Castor & Frelda - and their Unwavering Journey of Bizzarity & Abundance (Logan




Young Diego (Directed by Osama CHAMI, Enrique GIMENO PEDRÓS)
Solitude (Directed by Mia Krys) -

Lamentation- Iconic (Directed by Rachael Servello)


Best Director

NAFAS (Directed by Robert Mesnil) - WINNER

BIG TROUBLE IN SEATTLE (Directed by David Fowler)

Pelícano (Directed by Gustavo Letelier)

A Glimpse of Happiness (Directed by Raffaël Enault)

Kaunn Con Haii? (Directed by Ashrit Wadhwa)


Best Editing

Deep Shock (Edited by Daniel Salinas, Directed by Davide Melini)

Flashcut (Directed by Monique Bryson)
Lisa &
 Emma (Edited & Directed by László Bús) - WINNER

My Date with Vi (Edited by Steven Dickson Jr. and Directed by Ilan Gazit)

I Wish for You (Edited by Claire McGonigal. & Directed by Stuart Rideout)


Best VFX

Asymmetry Title Sequence (Animated by G. Ryun Kim, Character Modeling by AHN Hyun-

Sup & Directed by Gryun Kim)  - WINNER

Swipe Right for Love (Vfx: Dustin Helverson and Joseph Riggi, Directed by Joseph Riggi)


Best Original Song

Elohim's Theme (Words & music Ryuho Okawa, Arrangement: Sayaka Okawa and Yuichi

Mizusawa, Singer: Hisaaki Takeuchi) - WINNER

SOLITUDE (Music by germano mazzocchetti, Directed by fabio grossi) 

Best Original Screenplay

Delta (Written by Daniel Corey) - WINNER

Pathway (Written by Lina Raza)

S.T.A.R (Written by Yael Deynes)

River's Fall (Written by Steven Howard) 


Best Sound Design

Deep Shock (Sound Designed by Christian Valente, Directed by Davide Melini) - WINNER

Project Gemini (Sound designed by Jacob Spivey, Directed by Isaiah Andrés Galarza)

Seventh Wolf (Directed by Zane Barber)


Best Original Score

Adam Ulicny - Mountain Symphony (Music Composed by Adam Ulicny) - WINNER

MoonShot: The Remarkable Journey of Apollo Chamber Players (Music by Scott Szabo,

Directed by Jeffrey Mills)

The Breath of Life, Score (Music Composed & Directed by Anna Gerasimova)

Deep Shock (Music by Giulio De Gaetano, Directed by Davide Melini)

Symfaunic (Music Team: Erin Bergin, Savanah Harris, Andy Soderstrom & Directed by Erin

Bergin, Darby Kate Snyder)


Best Actor

BLACKOUT (Actor: Marco Gistri, Directed by Paolo Guerrini)
BIG TROUBLE IN SEATTLE (Actor: Raz Mallard, Directed by David Fowler)

Dark Day (Acted & Directed by Farhad Shahed)

Deep Shock (Actor: George Bracebridge, Directed by Davide Melini)

I Wish For You (Actor: Jeremy Irons & Directed by Stuart Rideout)


Best Actress

Deep Shock (Actress: Muireann Bird, Directed by Davide Melini) - WINNER

Final Words (Actress: Tiphaine Pitoizet, Sylvie Pellegry, Directed by Nicolas Lugli)

PAW (Actress: Thea Jade, Directed by Riley Eli Jones)

The world without you (Actress: Radha Mitchel, Directed by Damon Shalit)

Separation (Actress: Nimra Bucha, Directed by Vicky Zhuang Yi-Yin)


Best Production Design

The Case of the Shanghaied Songbird (Production Designer Fiona De La Lande, Set Designer:

Julia Goldsworthy,  Directed by Scott Lewis)
Eleusis (Production Designer: Julija Friscone Gavriss, Directed by Andej Gavriss)

The Beauty and the Dishcloth (Production Designer: Betrand Barrere, Patrick Eudes &

Directed by Yan Berthemy)

Skin and Bone (Production designer: Andrea Zuniga, Directed by Riley Scott Cusick)

INVISIBLE (Directed by Juan Lume)


Honorable Mention


Veni Vidi Vici (Directed by Maxime FLOURAC)

ERNIE (Directed by Ray Panthaki)

Elder Leaves (Directed by Sergio Nolasco)

VELUKKAAKKA OPPU KAA (Directed by Ashok R Kalita)

Minor Lives (Directed by Alfredo Torrescalles)

Black Sand (Directed by Dr. Sohan Roy)

The Working Man (Directed by Tim Searfoss)

Detective and Heretic (Directed by WU MINGLANG)

Table for Two (Directed by Sammie Rae)

Hugo (Directed by Justin Christopher Ayd)  

Aloha and Bonsoir (Actor: Adam Underhill, Directed by Adam Underhill)

The Death of An Artist (Actress: Daria Sarmientos, Directed by Songhuan Li)


Best Live Action Short Film

Bird Feeder (Directed by Jack Fay)

Blinded (Directed by CECILIA CHOI) 
Like I Said (Directed by Jolyon White) -

Main Street (Directed by Joshua Woodcock) 

A whole new world in focus (Directed by Robert Erniso)


Best Live Action or Animation Feature Film

FIRASTYA (English meaning: The Peripatetic) (Directed by VITTHAL MACHINDRA BHOSALE) - WINNER

STAND UP! Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places (Directed by Timo Jacobs)

McManus & Sons (Directed by Jamie Francis, Dan Francis)

Through A Glass, dimly (Directed by Brian K. Burns)

FAAS (Directed Avinash Kolte)


Best Feature Documentary

The sounds of city (Directed by EDU FELISTOQUE, Gab Felistoque) - WINNER

14 Games (Directed by Victor Baltazar)

WAS I NEXT? THE SEAN CRIBBIN STORY (Directed by Craig Huckerby) 

Monsieur Pigeon (Directed by Antonio Prata)

A VOYAGE AGAINST TIME (Directed by Steve Mackay, Jonathan Ali Khan)


Best Short Documentary

Paris – Beckett (Directed by David Bickley)

90 Days to Leave (Directed by Tanmay Srivastava)

PIVOT Paying It Forward (Directed by Robert Hunkele, Tom DiDonato)

The Shadows of Kok Thlok (Directed by Jeanne Pansard-Besson)
The Disparity (Directed by Kasey Flynn) -


Best Music Video

Christmas In Hawaii (Directed by Mariel Noir) 

Astronauts (Directed by Pauline Moreau)

Barricades (Directed by Jeon Seong)
Drunken Alpaka (Directed by Felix Pitscheneder) -

Made it (Directed by Brian Henderson)


Best Experimental Film

Shoe Horn/Office (Directed by Ingrid Nachstern) - WINNER

Blue Glass (Directed by Janusz Madej)

QARDOUN [La Passation] (Directed by Sarah El Hamed)

O_CE_AN (Directed by Priscila Guedes)

Life or Death of a City - A filmic Triptych (Directed by Sascha Kloas)

LUCA AND ISO (Directed By Damian Overton, Ed Cali)

Best Animation Short

The Depression of Detective Downs 2: On Depression's Edge (Directed by Anthony Thurman)
Justin and the Werloobee (Directed by Ken Yoffe & Ellen Weisberg, John Vo) -

LOVE and CORE (Directed by Hermann Kayode)

LEAPLIVES (Directed by Jonathan Manuel Camargo Labeau) 

Pearl (Directed by Casanova Olivier, Thiebault Marius)


Best Student Film

The Off Limits (Directed by Alem Fantine) - WINNER

SUNDOWN TOWN (Directed by Mylo Butler)

The hidden side of the pocket watch (Directed by Julie Zida)

Wounds (Directed by Nikos Mpougioukas)

Trauma Model (Directed by Abtin Taharrozi)


Best Inspirational Film

Vitruvian (Directed by Walter Christian Franchini)

My name is Shaun (Directed by Ann Topolsky) 
Empathy (Directed by Austin Odigie) -

How to see a kite (Directed by Harald Sørlie)

What I want to say, Burn! (Directed by Luís Damas)


Best Drama

Against my Will (Directed by Nils Lane) - WINNER

Lella (Directed by Michele capuano)

Dart (Directed by tamo zaen) 

Happy Moments (Directed by Alexandros Zarbis) 

Smoking Kills (Directed by Steven LUCHEL) 


Best Comedy

1,2...7,8...10 or How to Meet Your Other 1/2 In 10 Steps (Directed by Vanya Boycheva)

Cult Following (Directed by Amy Parry)
Trusting Chloe (Directed by Todd Long) -

Call (the) Girl (Directed by Hee chul Kwon)

The Man at the Bottom of the Garden (Directed by Paul Blinkhorn)


Best Horror

Kakure Baba (Directed by Tyler Crane)  - WINNER


Father’s Day (Directed by YuLun Wu) 

Venganza* (Directed by Joey Agbayani)

Sundown town (Directed by Mylo Butler)


Best Thriller

The Dunes (Directed by Martin Copping) 
MindGait (Directed by James Rasile) - WINNER

The Box (Directed by Demarcus Brown) 

Miss Mary Mack (Directed by Tim True)

Nottata a Due (Directed by Alice Brizzi) 


Best Action

The Cure (Directed by Toom Chanda, Sakee Xiong) - WINNER

The Alliance 2019 (Directed by Robert L Butler Jr) 


Best Sci-Fi

(Dys)Functional (Directed by Adam Nowak) - WINNER

Lemonade Party (Directed by Alexander Minas) 

Celestial Twin (Directed by Chana de Moura)  


Best Fantasy

The Feast (Directed by Jacob Jordan)  - WINNER

Exist, Not Exist: Zero Tolerance For Silence (Directed by Hee chul Kwon) 



Dinner for Lemons (Directed by Marcus Farrell)
WAS I NEXT? THE SEAN CRIBBIN STORY (Directed by Craig Huckerby)

Swivel (Directed by Lois Norman) 

Best Director

Main Street (Directed by Joshua Woodcock) - WINNER

Colors: White (Directed by AK Srikanth) 

Jenny (Directed by Junyi Song) 

Bird Feeder (Directed by Jack Fay) 

Wooling (Directed by Yang Ju Chiang)


Best Editing

Sundown Town (Edited & Directed by Craig Hunter)
Against my will (Edited & directed by Nils Lane) -

Trusting Chloe (Edited by Randi Barros, Directed by Todd Long)

Climb (Edited & Directed by Neil Myers)


Best Original Song

Déjà Vu - Deathloop Theme Song (Playstation) (Author - Alexandra Petkovski,
Band or Artist – FJØRA, Producers/Composers- Alexandra Petkovski (FJØRA), Kris Kovacs)  -

PRESAGE (Song Unknown - by VICTOR HUGGO, Directed by FELIPE CUNHA)


Best Sound Design


Crowd (Sound Design by Secil Erdogan, Directed by Recep Akar)


Best Original Score

In tune (Sound tarck by Artie’s Sambino, Directed by Artyom Poghosyan)

Radio Free NewPort (Music composed by Christopher Braig, Directed by Christopher Braig)
The Fear Of Finding Something Worse (Music composed by Armaan Sultan, Directed by Ronni August) -


Best Actor

The Inventorians (Actor: Zé Pedro Baroni, Directed by Nei Francisco)

The Feast (Actor: Osian, Directed by Jacob Jordan)

The Elephant in the Room (Actor: Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick, Directed by Jonathan Bucari)

Unconditinally (Actress: Jermaine “Zbek” Nelson, Directed by Sosiessia Nixon)
Luca And ISO (Actor: Ed Cali, Directed by Damian Overton, Ed Cali) -


Best Actress

Against my will (Actress: Lydie Misiek, Directed by Nils Lane)

Watch me on TV (Actress: Anastasia Cherepanova, Elisabeth Cherepanova, Directed by Emeric Gallego)

Unconditinally (Actress: Quera South, Directed by Sosiessia Nixon)
Single (Actress: Anna Sozzani, Directed by Anna Sesia)

Aquamarine (Actress: Eric Weigand, Directed by Jack Dentinger)


Best Production Design

Émilie & Voltaire (Production designer: Brendan De La Hay, Directed by Beth Daly) - WINNER

Lemonade Party (Production design by Kat Francesconi, Directed by Alexander Minas) 

Best Original Screenplay

Whisper of the Incense (Written by Lai-Fan Leung)
Don’t Breathe (Written by Caitlin Adams) - WINNER

21 Days in Paris (Written by Denis Mortenson)

WOOING (Written by Yang Ju Chiang)

Lost But Not Forgotten (Written by Jason Sedlar) 


Honorable Mention

Porichoy (The Identity) (Directed by Promita Bhowmik)


A.U.D (Directed by AMMAM)

Hidden Waters (Directed by Kiranmayi Indraganti)

Sami (Directed by Alicia Lopez)

Dart (Actor: Noor Shekhani, Directed by Tamo Zaen)

Death Times Two (Actress: Matina Nikolaou, Directed by Yannis Harbatsis)

My Own (Directed by Courtney Therond)

Dinner for Lemons (Directed by Marcus Farrell)
Waiting for time (Actor: Ariyon Bakare, Directed by The Bashford Twins)

LotusLand (Written by Daniel Corey)

City of Cousins ( Written by Victoria L White)

Sans Everything (Written by Yanzi Ding)

Dust (Written by Marco Balzano)







Best Live Action Short Film

Final interview (Directed by Bruce Fun)

The contract musical (Directed by Chris Cole) 

Bread and Circuses (Directed by Marcel Andre) 
Goodnight,bella (Directed by Clyde Capistrano) - WINNER

Ashes (Directed by Lewis Martin Soucy,Mehdi Ajroudi)


Best Live Action or Animation Feature Film

A burning season (Directed by Andrew Kabbe) - WINNER

Chrismas Freak(Directed by Sean Brown) 

Pick a side (Directed by Edward Green)

The pro bono watchman (Directed by Ray Spivey) 

Kaalachakara (Directed by Sumant Kranthi)


Best Feature Documentary

Alaska long hunters (Directed by Mark Rose,Mark Rose) 

Into the blue (Directed by Robert Fonollosa ) 
Syria`s School Under Atack (Directed by Darren Conway) - WINNER

Fifteen percent & rising (Directed by Paul G. Roberts) 

The great impatient. (Directed by Carlos Arenal) 


Best Short Documentary

Making of Moss(z)Art (Directed by Unni Krishnan Pulikkal) - WINNER

A few days after (Directed by Lance Cain) 

The Offline Experiment (Directed by Colin Yuan) 

La Hermandad (Directed by Manuel Fernandez Arroyo) 

Vivien`s Picture (Directed by Eric Kosonen) 


Best Music Video

Ready to Roll (Directed by Heather Mckay)
Girls and Boys (Directed by Marc Thirouin) - WINNER

Transcending Duality (Directed by Alexa Lautenschlager)

Dis House- Brotech music video (Directed by Joy Sahyoun)

Mad Symphony - The next door music video (Directed by Kevin Moore)


Best Experimental Film

Gigue (Directed by  Kasia Tym)

A few days after (Directed by Lance Cain)

The Travel of the Self (Directed by Brondy Humphrey)
Empty Eyes (Directed by Gabriel Duarte) - WINNER

L`amant des Monts (Directed by LiliEyes)


Best Animation Short

To my Sister (Directed by Jana Miller,Leah Jacob) 

Burning Brigth (Directed by Aaron Bierman)
Herstory:Mary Elmes (Directed by Ben O`Connor)  - WINNER

Slice of adventure (Directed by Justin Ethington,Jordan Carney,John Mckeon)

A Story of Strange Food (Directed by Lankangshi) 


Best Student Film

Delivery Night (Directed by Felipe Wein)  - WINNER

T-Shirt (Directed by Raghav Puri)

Broken Layers (Directed by Niccolo Rolim)

Savory (Directed by Taylor Jordan)

Before it all Happened (Directed by Elton Tan)


Best Inspirational Film

To be here (Directed by Nefeli Chrysa Avgeris) 

Energize your Communications (Directed by Christop Göttel) 

2020 (Directd by Helena Antonio)
Broken Layers (Directed by Niccolo Rolim)  - WINNER

Break Every Chain (Directed by Tim Searfoss)


Best Drama

Get through the day (Directed by Reza Tavakoli)

Before it all Happened (Directed by Elton Tan)

Amazon Queen (Directed by Marlin Darrah)

L`amant des monts (Directed by LiliEyes)
Blue Paradise (Directed by Joel Baud) - WINNER

Best Comedy

A real friend (Directed by Tom Ferrer)
American Refugees (Directed by Willem Holzer) - WINNER

Dirty Sean (Directed by Nicolas Vasseur)

What? (Directed by Alek Lev)

Weezy Goes Outside - a short film (Directed by Daniel Tenenbaum) 


Best Horror

Drop Bear (Directed by Adam Lawes) - WINNER

Surface (Directed by Luke Adam)

The vampyress (Directed by James Worthington)

The Apartment (Directed by Hugues Willy Krebs)

Maya the sacrifice (Directed by Paolo Bertola,Maria Brenda co-director) 


Best Thriller

FRAGOR (Directed by Jorge Alejandro Gonzalez Ley)  - WINNER

Becoming Emma Braintree (Directed by Joshua Koske)

Blinds(Directed by Matt Shelar)

Shorrebreak (Directed by Thibault Cadentem)

Carnation (Directed by Aya Bassiouni) 

Best Action

Resignation Day (Directed by Adam Brashaw, Adam Basil) - WINNER

The only way out (Directed by Andrew Neaves)


Best Sci-Fi

Alien whispers (Directed by Ashley Hays Wright)

Luna-Tic (Directed by Maria Brenda, Binjal patel co-director)
VI (Directed by Deyan Tsvyatkov)  - WINNER

The vampire`s kiss (Directed by Marius Oneta)

Over the skyline (Directed by Marco Gentili)


Best Fantasy

Sigillum (Directed by Peter Rüfer)  - WINNER

The contract musical (Directed by Chris Cole)

A storybook for adults and other children: For mental health professionals,teachers and families (Directed by Jerri Curry ph.d)

Animal Instincts: The urban jungle animated (Directed by Antoine Jackson)



Potato Bug (Directed by Frances Gumm)

Transcending Duality (Directed by Alexa Lautenschlager)

1959 (Directed by Daniel Gomez)
We all lie my darling (Directed by Pierre  Nicolas Panasci)  - WINNER

A Story of Weeding (Directed by Wei ZHAO)



Best Director

Goodnight,bella (Directed by Clyde Capistrano ) - WINNER

Anima (Directed by Pany Konstantinidou)

Elevator man (Directed by Kossangue Sadia)

The death of an artist (Directed by Songhuan Li)

Lamb (Directed by Pollyann Popermajer)



Best Editing

The death of an artist (Directed by Songhuan Li) - WINNER

Ode to the whale of christ (Directed by David Matthew Johnson)

Like Falling Leaves (Directed by Vicenzo Totaro)

Dead Dreamland Seas( Directed by Jordan Deal)

The Awakening (Directed by Andrew Abbiw)


Best VFX

Luna-Tic (Directed by Maria Brenda, Binjal patel co-director) - WINNER

Energize your communications (Vfx: Andreas Boehler, Directed by Christop Göttel)

F Stand for Life(Directed by Alessandro Nardini)

Age of Wonder (Directed by Austin Jackson )


Best Original Song

When Dust Turns Dark (Directed by Markus Amadeus Sievers)

Panguru`s Theme ( by Ryuho Okawa)
Mr. Baker`s wonderfil world  (Directed by Riagain Grainger) - WINNER

Something called Love (Directed by Eden James,Sheheryar Kazi)

Xmas Freak (Directed by Sean Brown Music By Gemma Bulos)


Best Sound Design

A Shot in the Fog ( Directed by João Thomaz Londres )

Age of Wonder (Directed by Austin Jackson,Music by Austin Jackson)
Energize your communications (Directed by Christop Göttel) - WINNER


Best Original Score

Blinds (Music Composed by Suuns, Directed by Matt Shelar) - WINNER

Bread and Circuse (Recording artist: Cole Bannick, Directed by Marcel Andre)

What we left behind (Original soundtrack by Ryan Robuson-Bluer & Directed by Lloyd Edgar)

The Apartment (Music by Mssimo Trassente, Directed by Hugues Willy Krebs)

A Shot in the Fog ( Directed by João Thomaz Londres)


Best Actor

The pro bono watchman (Actor: Mike Gassaway, Directed by Ray Spivey)  - WINNER

Elevator Man (Actor: Labracherie Charly, Directed by Kossangue Sadia)

Get Through the Day (Actor: Petrus özer, Directed by Reza Tavakoli)

Break Every Chain (Actor: Ignacyo Matynia, Directed by Tim Searfoss)

Ashes (Actor: Mehdi Ajroudi & Directed by Lewis Martin Soucy)


Best Actress

Transplant (Actress: Deana Taheri& Directed by Vanessa Vivas)

Remind me (Actress:Andriani Aggelidaki, Directed by Maria Svoliantopolou)

Before it all happened (Actress: Daria Sudomir, Directed by Elton Tan)
FRORE (Actress: Vidhatri Bandi, Directed by Madhur Mittal) - WINNER

The death of an artist (Actress: Daria Sarmientos, Directed by Songhuan Li)

Best Production Design

Bread and Circuses (Directed by Marcel Andre) - WINNER

Before it all happened (Directed by Elton Tan)

The death of an artist (Directed by Songhuan Li)

Occupied (Production designer: Dana Jungerius, Directed by Alex Bates)

Goodnight,bella (Directed by Clyde Capistrano)

Best Original Screenplay

BOSS LADY...the Legend (Written by Meshall Shumate) - WINNER

Brown Butter Almond Brittle (Written by JC Smith)

The journey of life (Written by Hu li huai ) - Deelte

One More California… (Written by Dean H Huh)

The Celestial Highway (Written by Kevin J. Howard)


Honorable Mention

JOHNNY (Directed by Tommy Petroskey) 

Perfect-Fit(Directed by Landen Erickson) 

El Tango del Diez (Directed by Tullio Imperatore) 

A Moment in Time (Directed by Brandom Russel) 

Peach (Directed by Christina Su) 

The Journey (Directed by Parambrata Chattopadhyay)

The Great Conjunction (Written by Karolina Smolova)

Memphis Tango (Written by Joseph B. Atkins)

Mr. Baker's Wonderful World (Directed by Riagáin Grainger)

I Can (Not) Forgive (Written by Jeff Baugh, Josh Stephenson)

Sunflower (Directed by Elmira Gilman)
Roots (Directed by Ryan Gathorne)
The Meaning of Life is This: Chris Gantry Songs, Stories and Sermons  (Directed by Demetria Kalodimos)