Today programme

Found Family (Directed by Esmée Lavalette|

Found Family follows teenager Elyse trying to navigate coming out to her homophobic parents and wanting to meet her long distance girlfriend for the first time.

Colour me Black (Directed by  Drewz Andrews , Fugusta Neal lll)

A young African American man is planning to meet his girlfriend's parents for the first time; his life changes forever on the way there.

Inconvenience Store (Directed by Danny Coolahan)

A man attempts to rob a convenience store but gets a little more than he bargained for...

The Boy and The Jazz (Directed by Flavio dos Santos)

Animated short that tells the story of a boy in love with music who, upon seeing the window of a musical instrument store, decides he wants a trumpet to become a jazz musician. When he realizes that the price of the instrument is higher than he can afford, he feels frustrated, but then he starts looking for ways to achieve his goals.

Still River, Silent Jungl (Directed by Hayley Stuart)

f built, the Chepete-Bala mega hydroelectric dams would flood over 770 square kilometers of Bolivian Amazon and would force the relocation of 48 indigenous communities within two protected areas. One brave woman, Ruth Alipaz Cuqui, steps forward to voice her peoples' concerns before the United Nations. Consequently, she becomes a target for backlash by the Bolivian government, who claims that her Western education deems her to be no longer indigenous, and therefore unfit to represent her own people. Returning to her ancestral land for guidance, Ruth solidifies her resolve to defend what she loves when she travels for ten days down the river whose tumultuous path and uncertain future mirror her own reality.

Adarnia : A sci-fi shortfilm (Directed by Clemhyn Escosora)

Adarnia is a 3D CG animated sci-fi short film about the once utopian ancient city called Adarnia. Overthrown by a ruthless military leader, the now totalitarian state and its army of android soldiers find themselves interrupted by the sudden appearance of a mysterious intruder. These soldiers chase the masked biker from the well-guarded city to the uncharted outskirts of Adarnia, revealing the intruder's true identity, purpose, and a glimpse into the deep history of Adarnia's sci-fi world.

SanDance! A Journey to the Heart of San Culture (Richard Wicksteed)

Set in the transcendent dance culture of Africa’s San First Peoples, SanDance! celebrates and regenerates humanity’s original essence of dance. SanDance! explores the ancient trance-healing dance at the heart of San culture, then follows San dancers from rehearsals in remote Kalahari villages to electrifying performances at Botswana's Kuru Dance Festival.